Quilting is like breathing…I get cranky when I can't do it!!

I won!

Last night I went to the Boise basin quilters Guild meeting.   Since I was in school last semester, I wasn’t able to go for three months because I always had a deadline to meet.,  So I was really looking forward to going.  We had a small core group of people last night, but that made it nice and cozy and allowed us all to catch up with those who were there.  There never seems to be enough time to talk to everyone I would like to!  I even brought zucchini bread that I had made specifically for the meeting the night before.

The presenters were the owners of Granny’s Attic, teaching cutting and piecing techniques.  When they called for volunteers to assist them, they awarded prizes.  I volunteered on the last segment,  which was a great technique on how to create easy mitered corners,  and I received an original Granny’s Attic pattern called 3-6-9, Lets Design!  Actually, I received a different pattern, but I traded with the other volunteer, as the other pattern was a table runner and I  typically don’t use those in my home.  You know, though, I’m always interested in a new pattern!

It would have been easy to roll my eyes and decide that I already knew all of the techniques to make any quilt and that they couldn’t show me anything new.  I’m really glad that I didn’t take that approach because the mitered corner technique that they showed is very easy and I will be more inclined to use them in my quilts.

Even though I’ve been in Idaho for almost 5 years, I’ve never been to McCall.  Most of my friends are horrified when they hear that and I suppose I’ll have to rectify that situation this summer; now I know of a great destination to include when I get there.

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