Quilting is like breathing…I get cranky when I can't do it!!

Tomorrow Should Be Sunday!

I set my intentions to enjoy each and every moment this weekend, but I still need more weekend!

I spent time with a friend of mine, who offered to sew up a bunch of the fabrics I cut to make more of the 10-minute blocks.  She had a computer problem, which we solved, and she also shared some of her sewing room organizational tips with me.

Afterwards, I attended the Organizing Your Sewing Room seminar that Karen held at Quilt Expressions on Saturday.

Do you see a theme here?  Open-mouthed smile  I’m not one to set New Year’s resolutions, but I have recently gotten the organizational bug.  So, yes, I am wanting to do something in my sewing room. 

The “something” is find more space and/or better utilize the space I have.  While I feel blessed to have the 10’ x 20’ bonus room over the garage serving as my Quilt Cave, I feel I could utilize the space better.  I’ve had a contractor over to look at it to see what ideas he has, and I’ve received a reply to my email inquiry from a local custom furniture maker, whom I need to call back.  Now I need to develop a “bubble diagram” to figure out what my work centers are so I can prioritize my tasks and figure out what is needed where, before I start tearing everything apart.

This is probably connected to the other projects I’ve started, namely re-arranging items and clearing off long forgotten residents from my office desk.  After working on it most of the afternoon, I can actually see the Formica on the desk top!!  It’s not finished, and I still have a couple of very large piles to go through, but now I have a space in which to work!  It’s actually comfortable to sit at my desk!

I’m a terrible procrastinator, which is part of why this has become such a problem.  I am determined to develop better habits so that I don’t have to spend my precious sewing time cleaning up my messes.  Putting it off doesn’t make it go away, and I just have to remember that!

Now that I have an almost cleaned off desk, it feels like tomorrow should be Sunday!

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