Quilting is like breathing…I get cranky when I can't do it!!

My Latest Quilt–The Process

I recently saw an article about The Process Pledge, where the author encourages us to write about the decision process that goes into making a quilt.  Well, I’m not going to take the pledge itself, but I’ve been working on a quilt this week while I’ve been on vacation, and now that I’m to the point of adding the borders, I’m not sure what to do.

pink-white-2-blocksI’ve had this quilt on my mind since last Christmas, and finally started it this weekend!  I bought a package with a variety of hot pink 2” strips at the quilt guild garage sale table some time previously. The colors just lend themselves to a Rail Fence design, and I bought some white fabric with a butterfly print to go with it.  Really simple, and what a “pop”!  I just LOVE hot pink!unique-block

Because I was excited to get started, I got sewing and started cutting without an exact plan, aka a pattern, and wouldn’t you know it, I ended up *one* block short!  When I first started, I trimmed the blocks to one size, realized that I didn’t like how that looked, and cut them to the current size.  Of course, I had used up all of the fabric that would make an identical block, so what do to?  No sweat…I improvised!  Isn’t this a cool block?  The name of the quilt was determined at this very point: “Odd Girl Out”.


So, here’s what I finished today!

Now that I’ve gone through the pain, I’ll be writing up the pattern and posting it on my website;  I don’t want to have to go through all that for nothing!

Now for the border, right?  I had considered simply adding a hotpink-railfence-possible-inner-borderthin border of hot pink, and then more white fabric to make it bigger.  However, I wanted to see what else I might do with it, so I turned to my, er, trusty EQ7 software program.  OK, I’ve had the program for awhile, but I am just not very comfortable with it.  The more I use it, the more I’ll learn it, right?

So, here are a few variations that I’ve come up with so far:

Pink-white-railfence-diamonds-butterfliesDiamonds on point, with butterfly applique blocks in the corners.  Now, since I don’t really go after applique projects, this is a stretch for me, but I think it’s really cute!






This is an easy square in a square border.







This is a flying geese border with the butterfly applique blocks in the corner again.





I am also interested in a ribbon border, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to get that to work in the program, though, so no picture of that.

Which one do you like best?

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