Pink and White with Satin

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LauraRichard-pink-white-satin-baby12I tried a new technique using a satin blanket binding over Christmas break.

This is a purchased panel that used fleece, flannel and minkee in the top.  I added high loft fleece and quilted it with a freehand flower design,LauraRichard-pink-white-satin-baby13 using a flannel back that matched one of the patches in the top.

Since I’d never used the satin before, and wanted a mitered corner like my traditional quilts, I went to YouTube!  I found a very clear and easy video on the ExpertVillage that explained the process.

LauraRichard-pink-white-satin-baby9Since the time that this project was completed, I saw a PBS Sewing with Nancy show that demonstrated how to sew the corners down and miter them all at the same time.  I really liked the technique because the corners turned out crisp.  I haven’t found the video online, but if I will keep my eye out for it.

Even though my project turned out really cute, I wish I’d seen Nancy’s technique before I’d finished mine!  My corners were left open, which bothered me, but I couldn’t figure a way to closeLauraRichard-pink-white-satin-baby5 them without making the seams obvious, so I just decided to let it go, which was hard for me to do!

I don’t usually like high loft batting, but it worked really well to fill in the fullness that the different fabrics created, and gave the blanket a lot of weight.  It will be perfect for tummy time!


One thought on “Pink and White with Satin

    Dog Panel with Satin Binding | Artisan At Heart said:
    December 6, 2012 at 8:35 pm

    […] purchased panel made from chenille and flannel.  She got this one at the same time she bought the pink and white panel, which I also quilted for […]

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