Quilting is like breathing…I get cranky when I can't do it!!

After all of the fabric cutting I’ve been doing lately, I think I’ve been able to justify getting the Accuquilt Studio.  Or have I?  The two main issues are price and space.  Oh, is that all??

So, I’ve been shopping the Accuquilt.com site, balking at the price of getting started on the Studio, but remembering my sore back and how tired my hands have been lately, but not quite ready to commit.  Then I received their email newsletter late last week advertising their Labor Day sale.  The Studio is down to $399, just $50 more than the Accuquilt Go!…and I’m so there!…of course, I want the big one!  Still pricey, but I’ve never seen it lower, so this is the time to buy, right?

And then I saw the JoAnn Fabrics email.  What??  They have an Accuquilt Go! on sale for $199?!?  How can that be??  So, I started re-analyzing the systems again, and the short version is, I went to the store on Monday to get the Accuquilt Go!.  If I had more room, I’d get the Studio, but I just don’t have the dedicated space.  Besides, I can always upgrade later, and with the adapter I can still use dies I purchase now.

I can see that buying dies could get to be very expensive, so I’m going to start with the strip dies for the most versatility, since I do a lot of strip piecing and I can cross cut them into squares.  I’m also going to get a 6 1/2” strip die for borders, since I like to cut them with the grain and it’s a pain to handle the fabric that way.  At least it should help me get some quilting done faster!

If you have a Go! I’d like to hear which are your favorite dies.

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