Quilting is like breathing…I get cranky when I can't do it!!

I Finished

Since I’ve been riding the bus, I’ve been taking my knitting with me. I started a hat for my husband and I finally finished it!

I’m really a pretty basic knitter, I haven’t done too much fancy stuff, although I absolutely adore yarn and and am quite fascinated by all things fiber.  I’ve even started up a yarn stash again, much to my chagrin. I certainly don’t need more collections!

I found this pattern on Ravelry called the Big Man hat.  For once I actually checked my gauge, and I decided to go with a size 8 instead of the size 6 this pattern called for. Now that it’s finished, I really think I should have used the size 6 …its huge!

Rather than ripping it out again, yes again,  (I started this last year with a different pattern, and it was way too big) I decided that a little roomie is ok and I finished it up just in time for the cold weather.

I’m considering making him another hat with a different pattern, or redo this one using smaller needles, as I really would like it to fit a little more snugly. But I may have to put that off for now, I have lots of other projects in the queue; I hope I can find the right size needle.


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