Quilting is like breathing…I get cranky when I can't do it!!

Sock Knitting!

fuzzyfeetThis is my first “sock”!

About 3 years ago, someone suggested that I use the Fuzzy Feet felted slipper pattern from Knitty.com to learn how to make socks and I finally got up the courage to start it!

I’m using a double strand of Fisherman’s wool where I took the ends from the middle pull and paired it with the end of the ball, and because I’d wound the skein into two, somewhat similar sized balls, when I got to the toe of this first sock and was running out of yarn from the first ball, I figured I should make a design decision and finish it up with another color.  What’s showing as green in the photo is actually brown in person.

Yes, it’s gigantic, but it’s supposed to be so that it will shrink to the appropriate size when felted.  It’s a top down sock and now I need to learn how to do the Kitchener stitch to close up the toe.

I’ve even cast on the second sock (no second sock syndrome for me)!  Last night I got the 2nd cuff done and I’m ready to start the heel flap.  I’m really getting excited to learn how to make some everyday socks now!  After learning the Kitchener stitch, I’ll learn how to make toe up socks.

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