Quilting is like breathing…I get cranky when I can't do it!!


OK, I’ve become a little obsessed.  Well, maybe not obsessed, but certainly looking at something and having fun.  Recipes.  Yeah, cooking isn’t my jam.  BUT, a long time friend (35+ years) introduced me to the Paprika app, and I’ve been downloading and importing recipes.  My Mom had been using Master Cook and these recipes import perfectly on my Windows machine.  I also bought the iPhone/iPad app and can sync between these devices.  It also works on a Mac.

What?  Did I just get a Food.com email with a recipe for Chicken Enchilada recipe?  OMG!  I can use their snippet capture to add the recipe to the app!  And it works BEATUtifully!

I resisted at first, as I had subscribed to another service for the past year, but I wasn’t really using it.  This is SO much more my style; it’s not an annual subscription and I can still do the menu planning and grocery lists, etc.

Did I really say I was going to cook??  LOL!

My husband wants some help in the kitchen and I need to step up.  So, that’s part of it.  Give me a tech angle and I’m in!

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