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PSQ: Postage stamp swap

PSQ_swap_Indian_OceanYou know what amazes me?  I got a package in the mail today all the way from the Indian Ocean!

How, you ask?

Well, I signed up to swap 7 packages for the spring swap hosted by The Curious Quilter.  She generously donates her time putting on a swap twice a year and this time I signed up for international swaps.

I’m doing a traditional alternating dark/light pattern with mine, and it’s taking me awhile because I use them as leader enders instead of focusing on them, but that’s OK with me.  It’s really fun seeing the progress.20150504_071518

My original plan was to make a king sized quilt, but I think it would be way too busy with this pattern.  Maybe next time.

You should check out Mary Wilbourn’s site even if you don’t think you’ll ever do a postage stamp quilt.  It’s fun to see the variety that can be made from them, but Mary is fun, too.

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The Birth of a Quilt

psq-1-smThe Birth of a Quilt.  That’s what my DH called it when he saw the first Postage Stamp Quilt block I made.    I like it!

My goal has been to work these units in while working on a “regular” project.  Lately, though, I’ve needed some mindless sewing, so I turned to these, which has been perfect.  I absolutely adore how it’s turned out.DSCF6160

Last night, I completed 2 more of these and I lined them up to show off a preview of what’s to come.

This is going to be one cool quilt!

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Craziness, aka “PSQ”


This photo shows some innocent looking 2” fabric charms.  Innocuous, even.  Quite the inspiration for a wonderful new project, right?

Well, let me tell you, I can see this becoming an addiction!  It all started when I ran across a blog written by Mary Wibourn called The Curious Quilter.  I resisted the first two swaps; I didn’t have any charms cut, and 100 seemed like quite a few to come up with.

And then I saw the blog a few more times, and the photos she has, like this one, just started calling my name!

So, I signed up for two swap partners and started cutting my scraps.  And cutting.  And cutting!  And I only had 3 piles of 46 charms!  So, I started digging into my yardage, using my June Tailor Shape Cut mat.  I figured that should make things sing along.  Yet, I still didn’t seem to be making much progress, confounded by the question of “should I cut other size strips, too, while I have this yardage out?”

Yes.  Of course!  That’s what the Stashbusters Yahoo group means by “cut it up Sunday”.  But what sizes should I start cutting them into?  I mean, it’s not like I have a specific project in mind.  That’s why it’s still yardage in the first place!

Well, after all that standing, I have a very sore back and now I’m seriously considering buying the Accuquilt Studio!  Yes, I want the big one.  Where I’ll store it is another question!

So, here’s a questions for you:  do you all cut your fabric into strips, waiting for a project?  How do you manage your stash of strips?  What’s your favorite method of cutting?

And…have you made a postage stamp quilt?  Would you do it again? Smile