Quilting is like breathing…I get cranky when I can't do it!!

Midterm completed!

DSCF0984Wow, I finally finished it!  My midterm ended up being 20 pages long…and am I glad it’s finished!  I even took two hours to sew!

Yesterday I found the most fabulous fabric for the borders on my baby quilt sampler. DSCF0986 I started it when a friend of mine, Laura, asked me to teach a basic baby quilt class that had gotten cancelled at the local quilt shop.

The more I look at the class components, though, the more I think this needs to be a beginning quilt class, though.  Neither my friend, nor her friend, know how to quilt, so even the basic 9 patch, which is what this other quilt is, are going to be that easy.  And who wants to go around in life not knowing how to do a half square triangle? 😉

So, I talked to Laura today and she reluctantly agreed to a longer class schedule for a sampler class.  I will help her get the 9 patch baby quilt completed if and when she still wants to do that project, but since she said she wanted to cover the basics of quilting, I really think the sampler will accomplish what she’s looking for in the long run.

Now, I am compelled to finish this project, then I can focus on my next round of homework!  Let’s see, two chapters plus two write-ups, more chapters for the class I just finished, a paper due in a couple days, and starting the outline and journal for the quilt class.  Oh, and don’t forget, I have to work and try to exercise, too!…  OK, now it’s time for bed…

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