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BroncoFest 2012

DSCF5025For the past week I’ve been working on details getting ready to have my first vendor booth, at the inaugural Boise State Craft Fair.

Of course, I didn’t get everything done.  And I’ve put customer quilts on hold for this week, which feels really strange, and instead, working on a Bronco T-shirt quilt.  Well, actually, I’ve been working on several at a time, as usual.   The Quilt Cave is strewn with blue and orange!  The main one I was focusing on didn’t get finished; it’s at the border stage and merrily hanging in the middle of my booth anyway!  It definitely got noticed and when I finish it I think it will sell quickly.

It’s been cold at the inaugural Bronco Craft Fair today, and very windy.  How cold was it?  Cold enough to have on a sweatshirt, windbreaker (that really works!), ear warmers, hat and still need to wrap up in an extra quilt!  My feet were like icicles all day!

We have a wind advisory starting at 3pm…I think it started sooner than that, because at 1:30 booths started blowing into the street and one knocked over a bunch of displayed glassware!  My quilt stands blew over several times and the quilts were flapping in the breeze.  I checked with the event coordinator and she said it would be OK to move to another place, but with so little time left before the end of the event, I didn’t want to break it down and reassemble it again for a 2 hour time frame.  As I was packing up, Security came over and confirmed that I should take it down.

The summary for the event:  no quilts sold, but I handed out several cards and flyers so I should be getting some calls for quilting services or T-shirt quilts.  I also realized I should have more items on hand for people to peruse.  The problem is, I just want to make quilts!

This sort of weather, and standing for long periods really wears me out.  We decided to forego the Bronco Spring Game and came home.  I put my feet up and enjoyed a cup of double spiced chai tea and am contemplating how I’ll finish out the day.

I’ll definitely have a booth next year!

Go Broncos!!

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